Coca Cola hasta en la sopa

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Todo el mundo sabe lo que esta pasando Coca-Cola actualmente, aunque por si acaso, voy a haceros un breve resumen: En España, Coca Cola ha entrado un ERE(Expediente de regulación de Empleo) por el cual ha cerrado varias fabricas y ha despedido a un gran numero de sus trabajadores, estos, han denunciado a la empresa y como la justicia va despacio, continúan en tramites, todo esto lleva ocurriendo desde hace un año.

loquetecontemientrasmehaciaelpublicista-Cocacola-maquina_venta Nevera de vending de coca cola nueva que ha introducido la empresa

En este año, el consumo de Coca Cola, ha descendido un 40%, algo muy notorio para un producto como este, tan presente en todo el mundo, con grandes campañas, metido en diferentes proyectos de salud, y en un sin fin de lugares, pero la mala imagen es mala imagen, por lo que es lógico que las técnicas de boicot levantadas por sus trabajadores hayan funcionado…

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5 respuestas a “Coca Cola hasta en la sopa

  1. Hi, Alicia Irene! Coca-cola creates a tradition, or cunning marketing…strange As it sounds, Coca Cola drink is really useful, but not our health. No wonder they say that those who drink Coca Cola in large quantities, the liver of alcoholics – because the active ingredient of the drink is orthophosphoric acid. PH equal to 2.5 and use this acid for the production of carbonated beverages, and for the production of fertilizers and текстиля. the Benefit of Coca-cola in everyday life of the average person:1) Use Coca Cola for cleaning the bathroom. With Coke you clean the 3 main elements of the bathroom: tub, sink and toilet. Pour 1-2 cups of the beverage in the bowl, cover and leave for an hour – the death of the bacteria! After use the brush and clean the toilet as usual. When finished, simply rinse off and enjoy the cleanliness of your toilet. Besides Cola and eliminate unpleasant odor. Remove Cola Cola limescale and dirt from the sink and bathtub. Apply it directly on the surface and wipe with a rag. It will also help to unclog drain pipes from hair and other things accumulated there мусора. 2)Remove using Coca Cola fat. A great drink. It will help you to clean clothes, not only from greasy “food” spots, but with engine oil, if you have dirty, repairing the car. Soak dirty things with Coca Cola – pour the drink directly on the stain, leave for an hour or two. Contained in Kola acid will separate the fat from the things and will not stain clothing that you rely on. If you remove a oil stain from a surface, first dry towel excess oil, but do not RUB, the stain has not increased! Then pour the Cola stain and leave for 8-10 hours. Then again soak up excess oil with a towel and wash it first with warm water with the addition of means for washing dishes and soapy water then rinse with a hose.Избавьтесь from rust with Coca Cola. Place the rusty object in a container of Coke and leave for the day, and removing, wipe with a towel. In the same way you can add Shine to old coins. By the way Coca Cola shows the old rusty spot and with clothes. Water the location where there is rust, Coca Cola, let the liquid for 5-10 minutes to “make war” with the stain after wash одежду. 4)Use Coca Cola to clean the pots from burnt food. Pour Cola in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Carbon dioxide and high temperature perfectly cope with the task. By the way, pouring Coca Cola into the kettle and boil it, you get rid of накипи. 5)Distributors of Coca-Cola in the USA for 20 years used it to clean the engines of their trucks. 6)
    American police wash Coke blood from the road: a few minutes – and blood, even dried and embedded in the asphalt instantly fades and washes out водой. 7)
    In some countries farmers use Coca-Cola to kill pests, because it is cheaper than chemicals, but the effect is like this же. Good day, ha-ha-ha))))

    Me gusta

    1. I’ve seen your answer now..!!! proof of how disconnected I’ve been from this blog 😦 so sorry for not answering you before. I don’t know if it’s good to know that you can kill all bacteria using coca cola since if it can do that to your system… what else could it kill? I also have heard from some friends who have horses, that they use coca cola to clean the things they put around their necks in order to ride them (don’t know how to translate it haha)

      Me gusta

      1. Truly, God works in mysterious ways…. if I was a believer in the miracle of Your appearance would answer with the words of the Apostle Paul, and it was probably the best compliment for the beautiful Spanish-Catholic girls….more often let us know about yourself, and I look forward to, Alicia Irene!


        Me gusta

      2. hahah What did the Apostle Paul say? since I am not catholic, I do not know any of the words these apostles said. Shame on me isn’t it?!
        I will let you know what I’m currently thinking and doing more often. What are you doing in Russia if you are there these days?

        Me gusta

      3. I myself am an atheist…I had to study history as a science in the University…But unfortunately here in Russia, history is always subordinated to the interests of the state, be it Jewish-Bolshevik dictatorship, or as it is now Jewish-Putin’s oligarchic capitalism. But only want to achieve reading these stories for themselves and their descendants, no matter where in Russia or in other countries. For example, You know a lot about the Spanish Blue division fought on the Eastern front? I am sure you know, you could come across these veterans? Do you consider them rapists and murderers as the official authorities in Russia? Meanwhile, the Russians are faced with these Spaniards in the occupation always with love talked about the fact that they came together with nezumi to free them from the terrible Stalinist tyranny. Or, another example but now from your story: graganska the war in Spain, where General Franco had not alleged Bolshevik regime. In Russia Franco is still considered a fascist , the national hero of Spain. Generally do because of the possibilities of historical research, unfortunately far from safe occupation in today’s Russia…. P. S. the Apostle Paul prophesied: “God works in Mysterious ways”. From The Bible. In the New Testament (the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, Chapter 11, verse 33), if you know Latin then: Investigabiles viae Domini

        Me gusta


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